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April Board Minutes

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 – 6:30 PM

Swiss Avenue Historic District Association General Membership Meeting Minutes Munger Place Church
5200 Bryan Street, Dallas, Texas 75206 Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The April 18, 2017 General Membership meeting of the Swiss Avenue Historic District Association (SAHDA) was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Bob Ruckman. A majority of the board of directors of the SAHDA was present, a quorum was established and the Agenda as previously transmitted was followed with minor changes to order discussed.

Board members present included:


Bob Ruckman Peter Loh Jean Dean Joanna Hampton Lee Jones

Larry Waisanen

Block Directors

Roger Carroll Kevin Rogers Jody Bowers Michelle Baus Mike French David Dean Gary Hoffman Elizabeth Mast Janel Wood Ken Kuesel

Alternate Block Directors
Nancy Philips Marilyn Waisanen Rhonda McCune Jerry Baus


Debby Rogers

Dee Ruckman Christine Loh

Non Board members present included:

Vanessa Hoffman Sandy Brothers Robin Marin Virginia McAlester Robyn Schaub Bryan Jones

Others in attendance:

City of Dallas Code Enforcement
Jose Ruiz

Meeting minutes from the March 21, 2017 General meeting were presented. There were no revisions. The minutes were accepted as approved by the President.

Meeting minutes from the April 11, 2017 Special meeting were presented. There were no revisions. The minutes were accepted as approved by the President.

Peter Loh presented the financials as of March 31, 2017. There was a lengthy discussion about the Alliance Against Crime line items and how much money the SAHDA has and has spent.

Committee reports were given.

Alliance Against Crime (AAC) Committee Robin Marin said that she did not have much to report. There had been a number of reports of new graffiti. The vacant lots behind the 4900 block on the Gaston side have had people starting to “hang-out” again. The police are monitoring them.

Letters did go out with the Occasional requesting additional donations to the AAC.

Jody Bowers gave an update about the robbery of her house that occurred in March. Items totaling between $150,000 to $200,000 in value including jewelry, coins, etc. were stolen. A tote bag of Jody’s was found in a stolen car in Oak Grove in the possession of 3 males that were arrested for a drive by shooting. These 3 males were known gang members. The police are so backlogged that the fingerprints taken in Jody’s house have not yet been run.

Beautification Committee Marilyn Waisanen reported that Parks and Recreation is going to start putting sod in and adjusting the irrigation accordingly this week.

Jerry Baus presented a letter the Beautification Committee would like to send to the Parks & Recreation Department. It is a request to have a meeting with a higher level to get them to do more and to finish up some things. The letter will go to Willis Winters. Gary Hoffman moved to approve sending the letter. The motion was seconded and was approved by consensus.

Outreach Committee –Robin Schaub presented the committee’s recommendation for donations. There were 14 applications and the committee is recommending 9 of the applicants receive funds. The recommendations are based on the guidelines approved by the SAHDA board several months ago.


Project Title

Proposed donation

Friends of Garrett Park (Dallas Parks Foundation)

Garrett Park


J.L. Long Middle School

2017 Long Run Sponsorship


Lakewood Library

Collection Development


Lipscomb Elementary Music Teacher

Lipscomb Lions Singing Hearts


Lipscomb Elementary PTA

Experimentation kits for 5th grade science classes


Munger Place Church

Big Hope Mentoring at Lipscomb Elementary


St. Matthew's Cathedral Arts

Open Arts Studio for Young Artists


Uplift Peak Preparatory

Peak Middle School Library Makeover


Woodrow Wilson High School

Woodrow Wilson High School PTA Sponsor





Joanna Hampton moved approval of the recommended donations. Lee Jones seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

The Outreach Committee is planning a community garage sale. Natalie Kinvig is heading this effort up. It will be May 20th at Savage Park. More information will be coming out soon. The money raised will go to some of the unfunded applications.

Planning and Zoning Committee Bob reported on the BOA hearing for 5608 Live Oak. It was approved like the agreement made by the near neighbors, SAHDA and the builder.

Bob also reported that the builder for the 5017-5025 Gaston made some modifications on the front 4 units to be able to work on them. The builder has been able to continue work on the front 4 units only.

Website Committee No report. Children’s Social Committee No report.

Social Committee Next social activities have to do with the Home Tour.

Appreciation was given to Michelle and Jerry Baus for bringing refreshments for the meeting.

Home Tour Committee Lee Jones reported that there are 7 homes on tour and things are progressing well. Posters are available tonight. There will be a kickoff party on Friday, May 5th for the home owners, house captains, and neighbors that buy

10 tickets in advance and sponsors at the residence of Sandy Brothers and Mike Holub

Ad Hoc Parking Committee Bob Ruckman reported that petitions regarding “no parking” signs on Glendale between Live Oak and Gaston were submitted to the City.

Peter Loh and Cameron Kinvig are taking the lead on the Swiss/Collett petitions for stop signs and “no parking” signs. They are also taking a look at “neighborhood only” signs.

Jerry Baus recommended that we get our medians designated as a “signature park” so that we can have special treatment on a lot of issues.

A discussion began on new stop signs and directional street signs in general. The danger posed by wrong way runners and drivers in the street and the proliferation of one way signs were discussed. There was a motion from Lee Jones that a stop signs be installed on Collett at Swiss Ave. Elizabeth Mast 2nd the motion. The motion was approved.

There was a lengthy discussion on the proposed stop sign to be recommended to the City at Parkmont and Swiss. Janel Wood moved approval. David Dean 2nd the motion. The motion failed to be adopted.

Unfinished Business No unfinished business.

New Business No new business.
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:40 pm.