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Board Minutes – February 2017

Tuesday, February 21st – 6:30 PM

Swiss Avenue Historic District Association General Membership Meeting Minutes St. Matthews Cathedral
5100 Ross Ave, Dallas, Texas 75206 Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The February 22, 2017 General Membership meeting of the Swiss Avenue Historic District Association (SAHDA) was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Bob Ruckman. A majority of the board of directors of the SAHDA was present, a quorum was established and the Agenda as previously transmitted was followed with minor changes to order discussed.

Board members present included:


Bob Ruckman Linda Solomon Jean Dean Joanna Hampton Lee Jones Larry Waisanen

Block Directors

Roger Carroll Kevin Rogers Loraine Carroll Natalie Kinvig David Dean Michelle Baus Mike French Gary Hoffman

Alternate Block Directors
Larry Offutt Marilyn Waisanen James Finley Rhonda McCune Jerry Baus Virginia Bonifield


Camron Kinvig Debby Rogers Jeff Woodson Marjo Dyer Rulan Hebeler

Non Board members present included:

Vanessa Hoffman Tom Bonifield Jeff Bryan Bryan Jones John Hampton Cal Chaney Claire Chaney Virginia McAlester

Others in attendance:

City of Dallas Code Enforcement Jose Ruiz

City of Dallas Police Dept.
Sgt. Steve Forman

Refreshments were provided. A special thank you was given to Neal Michell for letting the SAHDA meet at St. Matthew’s Cathedral.

Meeting minutes from the January 17, 2017 general meeting were presented. There were no revisions. The minutes were accepted as approved by the President.

Meeting minutes from the February 13, 2017 special meeting were presented and amended. The amended minutes were approved by the President.

Bob Ruckman reported that flowers were sent to Harryette Ehrhardt for the passing of her husband, Jack Ehrhardt. Harryette sent the SAHDA a thank you note.

Linda Solomon presented the financials as of January 31, 2017. Committee reports were given.

Alliance Against Crime (AAC) Committee Sgt. Steve Forman reported on robbery at the Bowers, 5112 Swiss Ave. It appears they came over the fence from the alley and kicked in the back French doors. The robbers may have been watching the residence and saw the owners leave. There are no leads so far. If there are any updates Sgt. Foreman will let us know.

There was also a car on Bryan Parkway that someone rummaged through and stole a few things. The car was not locked.

There have been complaints from neighbors regarding the noise from Cosmos’ patio and various parking issues created by Cosmos. Bob reported that next month Jim Dunkerley, as P&Z committee chair, would probably make a report on this.

Beautification Committee Marilyn Waisanen reported that Gary Ahr had organized the tree trimming of the parkway trees in the SAHD. Bob Bracken, Dee Ruckman, Jody Bowers and Marilyn Waisanen helped with the tree trimming. During November, December and February over 60 houses trees have been trimmed. The tree trimming will resume again in August and into the Fall.

There are 19 homeowners on the list for the sidewalk replacement program. Seven (7) owners have accepted the City’s offer for a total of $3,983.18, one(1) owner paid the City $1,366.87 (will be reimbursed after work is completed), three (3) owners decided not to participate, three (3) others are considering City’s offer and five (5) are on the list waiting on a bid.

The Park Department has been emailed to make sure the park area are mowed and in good shape for the home tour and that the irrigation would not be running that weekend.

Jerry Baus is organizing a meeting for the Beautification Committee and the Park Department staff to discuss mowing, weeding, fertilizing, sodding, irrigation and other maintenance matters.

Outreach Committee Bob Ruckman reported that the Charitable giving guidelines and application forms were emailed out on January 27 to St. Matthews Cathedral Arts, Lakewood Library, Lipscomb Elementary PTA, J.L. Long Middle School, Woodrow Wilson High School, Munger Place Church, Uplift Peak Predatory Academy, Boys and Girls Club of East Dallas, White Rock YMCA, Juliette Fowler Communities Center, We Volunteer, Dallas Court Appointed Advocates, Our Friends Place, SPCA of Texas, and Mommies in Need. The applications are due March 1st. The Committee will meet twice in March and present recommendations for approval at the April SAHD meeting. Funds are scheduled to be dispersed in late April.

Planning and Zoning Committee Bob Ruckman reported that the primary focus was on the property at 5017 Gaston Avenue’s Residential Proximity Slope (R.P.S.). A special SAHD meeting was held on Feb. 13th to approve a letter to be sent to the City of Dallas Director Sustainable Development & Construction Department with the SAHD’s concerns. The letter was available at the meeting. It was noted that this is the same builder the SAHD has been dealing with at Fitzhugh and Live Oak.

Bob said that he understood that there was a new builder involved with 5608 Live
Oak. Bob asked Joanna Hampton to give an update regarding 5608 Live Oak because she had been involved. She said that it was her understanding that the adjacent homeowners have been meeting with the new builder. Larry Offutt indicated that the builders had been cooperative. Bob asked if it was ready to be brought to the P.& Z. Committee for their consideration. Larry replied that it was not because the
neighbors want to make sure the neighbors have everything aligned before they might get their feet knocked out from under them. Bob urged that the information be brought to the P.& Z. Committee timely to keep everyone informed and in the loop. Bob said we want to make sure that we are consistent with this property and the one on Gaston.

There was a Board of Adjustment (B.O.A.) hearing held today (February 21st). The Peaks Addition neighborhood filed a B.O.A. to object to a building permit issued regarding the Residential Slope Easements. It was reported that the City Attorney made some interpretations regarding these easements that are very concerning. Bob said that this needs to be referred to the P&Z. Committee for discussions and recommendations on how to proceed on this issue. Jose Ruiz was asked about the appeal process. He stated that only the applicant could appeal and that they have 10 days to appeal to the City Council. He also stated that one case does not set precedence for any other case. Bob stated that we needed more information. He will contact Jim Anderson, president of the Peaks Addition Homeowners Association. If there is a special meeting needed one will be called otherwise a report will be made at the next monthly meeting.

Jose Ruiz reported that there had been complaints about noise coming from Cosmos’ Patio. On February 1st Jose initiated a meeting with Cosmos and the adjacent neighbors at Buzz Brew. The owner of Cosmos is going to be getting bids to put up a masonry wall as tall as possible to curtail some of the noise. He may have to apply for a variance to increase the height of the wall. Talking loud in the backyard is not a code issue. The neighbors and the owner of Cosmos are trying to work together. Jose will be reaching out to them on March 1st to see how this is progressing.

Website Committee No report.

Children’s Social Committee No report.

Social Committee Appreciation was given to Natalie Kinvig for bringing refreshments for the meeting. Our February social will be at Pie+Tap on January 23rd, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Home Tour Committee Lee Jones presented the poster by Suzie Moritz for the 2017 Mother’s Day Home Tour. She announced that there are now 7 homes that will be on tour. Allan Moore and Brenden Martin’s house will be on tour. The professional coordinator is working on underwriting. Marilyn Waisanen has agreed to be in-charge of the Park and Art Fair. Dick’s will be selling tacos in the park. The Heights will be providing the brunch on Sunday. There is still a need for help with the transportation and security. There was a consensus that ticket prices be raised to $25 for advanced tickets and $30 for tickets bought during the tour. The $15 price per ticket price for the neighborhood will remain.

Ad Hoc Parking Committee Bob Ruckman reported this committee was formed to try to solve some of the parking issues on the side streets. The 1st meeting was February 9. Jose Ruiz and Sgt. Forman attended the meeting. The first street of focus will be Glendale. We are in the process of getting a petition signed by adjacent neighbors. Instead of putting “No Parking” signs on all of Glendale there will be on part of it so not to force the vehicles to start parking on Swiss Ave. Jose stated that for each bedroom in an apartment code allows 3 individuals to live in the apartment. Therefore, if you have a 2 bedroom apartment as many as 6 individuals can live there and a potential of 6 cars with the complex only required to have 2 parking spaces.

Jose reported that a 4-way stop sign is in the works for 2 intersections in SAHD. They are the Parkmont/Swiss and Collett/Swiss intersections.

There was a discussion regarding the Resident’s only parking in the neighborhood. Bob stated that the committee will look at the options.

Unfinished Business No unfinished business.

New Business No new business.
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:24 pm.