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Board Minutes - November 2016

Tuesday, November 15th – 6:30 PM

Swiss Avenue Historic District Association General Membership Meeting Minutes St. Matthews Cathedral

5100 Ross Ave, Dallas, Texas 75206

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The November 15, 2016 General Membership meeting of the Swiss Avenue Historic District Association (SAHDA) was called to order at 7:03 pm by President Bob Ruckman. A majority of the board of directors of the SAHDA was present, a quorum was established and the Agenda as previously transmitted was followed with minor changes to order discussed.

Board members present included:


Bob Ruckman Linda Solomon

Jean Dean Joanna Hampton Lee Jones Larry Waisanen

Block Directors:

Gaye Martin Roger Carroll Janel Wood Michelle Manners Kevin Rogers Lorraine Carroll Natalie Kinvig

Jody Bowers Ken Kuesel Jean Dunkerley Michelle Baus Gary Hoffman

Alternate Block Directors: Marilyn Waisanen Jerry Baus Virginia Bonifield Craig Scheef

Alternate-At-Large Directors:
Bob Cox

Cameron Kinvig Debby Rogers

Jeff Bryan Bryan Jones

Non Board members present included:

Bob Charlap Doug Edwards Jeff Woodson Tom Bonifield Vanessa Hoffman

Jim Dunkerley Anja Woodson Kim McCrea Neal Michell Arch McColl


Refreshments were provided. A special thank you was given to Neal Michell for letting the SAHDA meet at St. Matthew’s Cathedral.

Meeting minutes from the October 18, 2016 Annual meeting were presented. There was a motion by Roger Carroll to approve the minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Ken Kuesel. The motion was approved.

Linda Solomon presented the financials September through October 2016. Committee reports were given.

Alliance Against Crime (AAC) Committee Jeff Bryan reported that things were going well. Bob Ruckman mentioned that Robin Marin would be sending out reminders to residents about payments to the AAC.

Beautification Committee Marilyn Waisanen reported an email went out about parkway tree trimming and that an email would be going out soon about the side walk replacement program. Flyers for both of these were available at the meeting.

Planning and Zoning Committee Bob Ruckman reported that Jim Dunkerley had recommended that Nancy Phillips be appointed vice-chair of the committee. Lee Jones made a motion for Nancy Phillips to be vice-chair. Larry Waisanen seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

The first organizational meeting was held on Wed., October 9th. Jim reported that Munger Place Church either has or is about to buy some properties on Bryan Street and will be asking for a zoning change for parking. There will be a meeting on December 13th if needed.

Bob Ruckman noted that guests could attend the P&Z meetings if prior notice is given so arrangements can be made since this committee is so large. The guests will not be able to vote or to advocate a position unless invited by the committee.

Website Committee Bob Ruckman announced that this committee has doubled in size. Gaye Martin has joined the committee. Website is up and running.

Children’s Social Committee Kim McCrea reported that the Children’s Halloween Party was well attended and a great sucess. Party located at the Loh’s (4930 Swiss) and Wohlfeld’s (4938 Swiss) homes. Sunday December 11, 2016 is the date of the Children’s Holiday Party to be held at the Hurst’s (5417 Swiss). Next Easter will be for Easter.

Social Committee Lee and Bryan Jones volunteered to have the Holiday Party at their house on December 10th. Bob Ruckman thanked Cameron and Natalie for bringing refreshments to the meeting.

Home Tour Committee Lee Jones reported that Ann Hurley will be our Home Tour event coordinator. Lee announced that there are 5 houses that have committed to being on the home tour. They are 6243 LaVista, 5204 Live Oak, 5214 Live Oak, 5617 Swiss and 5500 Swiss. Committee meetings will begin in January. The committee is in particular need of people to help with transportation, security and public relations.

Outreach Committee Bob Ruckman reported that Robyn Schaub would be holding her first committee meeting on November 17th. The committee will be reviewing the charter. The committee will be reviewing guidelines. The following members were recommended: Robyn Schaub, committee chair, Jean Bainbridge, Laura Freeland, Steve Bourn, Pauline Mayfield, Linda Solomon, Jean Dean, Natalie Kinvig, Ken Kuesel, Janel Wood, Michelle Manners, Elizabeth Mast and Bob Ruckman, ex-officio.

Unfinished Business

Bob Ruckman recognized Joanna Hampton for her 2 years as president of the SAHDA and presented her with a gift.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:35pm.