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Board Minutes, September 2012

September 18, 2012

Swiss Avenue Historic District Association

Minutes of Monthly Meeting

September 18, 2012

The September meeting of the SAHDA was held at the Aldredge House on September 18, 2012.  President Cynthia Robinson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

A big thank-you went to Penne Pomodoro for providing food for the Annual Meeting.

The September Minutes were read, a motion was made and seconded to approve, and the September Minutes were approved.

President Robinson established that there was an agreed number for a quorum, since it was a voting meeting of the organization.

Dee Ruckman, Chair of the Nominating Committee, read the proposed slate of officers.  A motion was made and seconded to approve all candidates for the upcoming year.  The vote was unanimous to approve:

President:  Brenden Martin

Vice President:  Gaye Jackson

Treasurer:  Craig Scheef

Secretary:  Jody Bowers

(Parliamentarian: Cynthia Robinson)

At Large Representatives:  Bob Bracken, Roger Carroll, Cameron Kinvig, and Bob Ruckman

On behalf of the District, John Lynch presented a gift of appreciation to Cynthia Robinson for her dedication while serving as President for the SAHDA this past year.

The new President, Brenden Martin, introduced himself and expressed his plans and goals for the District in the coming year:

·      To maintain the historic look of our District with improvements to the gates, lampposts, median, etc.

·      To improve our sense of being a neighborly community

·      To continue to participate in community outreach efforts

·      To improve communication through the SAHDA website with a “residents only “section for updates.

Next, Brenden stressed the importance of Area Directors (Block Captains) and their Alternates.  He stated that he plans to bring back the original role of this office.  He read the list of Block Captains who had been elected by their respective “blocks” and also noted the blocks who did not have an elected Captain (Director).  He urged these members to meet or to communicate through correspondence with all neighbors in their blocks and elect a Captain (Director) before the next monthly meeting.

President Martin presented the proposed slate of the Nominating Committee for 2013.  A motion was made and seconded and approved to elect the following Committee:

4 SAHDA Board Members:

·      Roger Carroll

·      Jody Bowers

·      Joannna Hampton

·      Bob Ruckman

3 SAHDA Members:

·      Allan Moore

·      Laura Freeland

·      Jean Dean

Bob Bracken presented the budget for the upcoming 2013 fiscal year.  A motion was made to approve. Discussion followed.  It was suggested to amend the motion to include the past amount of $7,000.00 for Tree Trimming, rather than reducing it to $5,000.00.  The amended motion was seconded and the new budget was approved. (See Proposed Budget Sheet for details)  A motion was also made and seconded to table the Outreach Allocation funds at this time.

President Martin presented suggested By-Laws changes, which effectively allow for email notification of voting issues, and which also clarify the fiscal year as being September 1-August 31, and allow checks of less than $1,000.00 to be signed by the Treasurer or Assistant (no second signature required.)  (See Proposed Bylaws Changes Sheet for details)  Since a 30-day “written notice” is required before a voting meeting, the Bylaws vote will occur at a later date, allowing time to distribute written notification to all District members of the proposed changes.

President Martin explained the purpose and goals of Committees in the SAHDA.  At least one Board Member is required to be a member of each committee, in order that someone (i.e. the Board Member) is always available to report committee activity at meetings of the Board at Large.  Sign-up sheets for the various committees will be presented at the next monthly meeting.

New Business:

Gaye Jackson announced that there would be a Self-Defense Class presented by Chamberlain Studios on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 1p.m. at Savage Park.  The Long Fun Run will be held October 4, 2012, and as a Sponsor of this event, SAHDA members are eligible to participate.

Joanna Hampton and Virginia McAlester presented information about roofing material and contractors.  Virginia urged members to have a “match board sample” placed on the roof to double-check the color match.  She also noted that Preservation Dallas has photos if anyone needs help with matching roof material.  Caution is advised in how the ridge row is replaced in order to comply with the authentic look of our historic roof structures.

Officers Bodie and Barton presented the crime report.  They warned that thieves sometimes wear water department shirts, or other clothing that impersonates city workers.  Keep a vigilant eye for anything suspicious and don’t hesitate to call 911.

Door Prizes provided by Sally Peavy included several sets of tickets for visiting Southfork. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.