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Board Minutes, September 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Swiss Avenue Historic District Association

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

September 15, 2015


The September 15, 2015 meeting of the SAHDA took place at the Aldredge House.

President Joanna Hampton called the meeting to order at 7:00 p. m.

The August minutes were presented for approval.  Roger Carroll made a motion to approve and Neal Mitchell seconded the motion.  Chris Hamilton stated that he would like to address the matter involving the Board of Adjustment filing.  A Point of Order was raised.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes.  Chris Hamilton stated, for the record, his objection to no notice being given in advance of the August meeting that the Board of Adjustment issue would be discussed.  He requested the opportunity to speak.    Cameron Kinvig,  Parliamentarian, clarified that the motion before meeting was to approve the minutes of the August meeting and that the only permissible discussion would be to question the accuracy of the minutes or to request specific changes in the minutes. The vote was called, and the minutes were approved by a majority.

Jody Bowers, Chairman of the Nominating Committee presented the following slate of officers and Alternate-At-Large Directors to be voted on at this meeting.

President-----Joanna Hampton (5408 Swiss Avenue) 

Executive Vice President----Bob Ruckman (5700 Swiss Avenue) 

Secretary-----Michelle Manners (6214 Bryan Parkway) 

Treasurer-----Peter Loh (4930 Swiss Avenue) 

Parlementarian, Cameron Kinvig (4949 Swiss Avenue)

Home Tour chair (open)

Occasional, Larry Waisanen (5105 Swiss Avenue)


Alternate-At-Large Directors:

Bob Bracken (6114 Bryan Parkway)

Roger Carroll (6004 Bryan Parkway)

Debbie Rogers (6312 Bryan Parkway)

Linda Solomon (6145 Bryan Parkway)


A motion was made to accept this slate. It was seconded and approved by a majority.

Joanna read through the list of new and returning block directors.

5493 – 6019 Bryan Parkway – Robert Thomas, Larry Offutt, alternate

6020 – 6049 Bryan Parkway – Jordan Kaiser, Glenn Offutt, alternate

6100 – 6126 Bryan Parkway – Bob Cox, Larry Offutt, alternate

6127 – 6151 Bryan Parkway – Lanc Parker, Darren Henley, alternate

6200 Bryan Parkway – Elizabeth Offutt

6300 Bryan Parkway – Kevin Rogers, Debby Rogers, alternate

La Vista – Suzanne Miller

Live Oak – Lorraine Carroll, Nancy Phillips, alternate

4900 Swiss Avenue – Natalie Bodak, Lee Jones alternate

5000 Swiss Avenue – Jody Bowers, Marilyn Waissanen, alternate

5200 & 5300 Swiss Avenue – Ann Joseph, Anja Woodson, alternate

5400 Swiss Avenue – Jean Dean, Stacey Copeland, alternate

5500 Swiss Avenue – Jean Dunkerly, Adam Palmer alternate

5600 Swiss Avenue – Phillip Crew, Melissa Crew, alternate

5700 Swiss Avenue – Elizabeth Mast, Virginia Bonifield, alternate

5803 – 5916 Swiss Avenue – Mike French

5921 – 6102 Swiss Avenue – Tim Howell, Gary Hoffman, alternate

The list was accepted.

Joanna announced the 2016 nominating committee, which is comprised of four board members and three At-Large Directors.

Bob Ruckman

Debby Rogers

Linda Solomon

Brendan Martin

Jeff Bryan

Nancy Phillips,

Cameron Kinvig

A motion was made and seconded. A question was raised by a member regarding the procedure for electing the Nominating Committee.  Article III, Paragraph 2 and Article VI. Paragraphs 1 and 4, all of which are related to the election of the Nominating Committee, were read aloud to the membership. A vote on the motion was called. The motion carried.


Joanna presented the proposed budget. There are two items carried forward from last year.

  1. Funds allocated for the median and Savage Park in the previous year’s budget were not spent and are budgeted again in the new year.


  1. Paid bookkeeper. The amount is lower this year. Last year included start-up costs.

Discussion included comments about Outreach being reduced. Joanna pointed out that many items were reduced because home tour income was reduced due to the cancellation of the tour on Sunday. There were questions about the Alliance Against Crime carry-forward. Joanna indicated that the total budget for Alliance Against Crime was $10,000 of District funds plus $28,700 of funds raised in previous years that have not yet been spent. Discussion ensued regarding the number of hours that the patrol officers work and whether or not the hours could be increased. It was suggested that the question be taken up with Robin Marin who is coordinating the Alliance Against Crime activities. A request was made about the median project approved last year. The funds are to be spent renovating Savage Park, the gates and plantings at the gates. The District now has a contract with the City and the project can move forward. An inquiry was made regarding whether our insurance includes D&O insurance. Larry Waisanen proposed that we add the coverage If our current insurance does not include D&O coverage and that $1,500 be added to the proposed budget to cover the premium in the event that D&O coverage does not currently exist. Cameron Kinvig seconded that motion. Larry Offutt moved to approve the budget. It was seconded and approved by a majority.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50.