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SAHD Regulations

Certificate of Appropriateness (pdf)
CA 2016 Review Schedule (pdf)
Historic Preservation Ordinance (pdf)                                                                                                                                                                                                            Historic Preservation Tax Incentive Program (pdf)
Swiss Avenue Ordinance (pdf)
SAHD Bylaws

City Services

Listing of City Services
Bulk Trash Schedule (pdf)
311 Online Request Form
City Services Phone List                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Resident Services Phone List

Alliance Against Crime

Support the Alliance Against Crime, Online
More about the Alliance Against Crime 

Contact Your Alliance Against Crime Patrol

For urgent matters requiring immediate attention, or to report suspicious activity of any kind, call 911

You may also email our District representative for Alliance Against Crime, Robyn Marin, at and she will let Officer Forman know of your concerns. Or contact him directly at .

For Immediate Concerns, Call 911

2016-2017 Board Members

President:  Bob Ruckman (5700 Swiss Avenue)

Executive Vice President​:  Peter Loh (4930 Swiss Avenue)

Secretary:  ​Jean Maier Dean (5420 Swiss Avenue)

Treasurer:  Linda Solomon (6145 Bryan Parkway)

ParliamentarianJoanna Hampton (5408 Swiss Avenue)

VP-Home Tour Chair:  Lee Jones (4937 Swiss Avenue)

VP-Occasional:  Larry Waisanen (5105 Swiss Avenue)

Alliance Against Crime:  Robin Marin (4918 Swiss Avenue)

Beautification/Median:  Marilyn Waisanen (5105 Swiss Avenue)

Alternate At-Large Directors

​Bob Bracken (6114 Bryan Parkway)
Bob Cox (6119 Bryan Parkway)
Cameron Kinvig (4949 Swiss Avenue)                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Debby Rogers (6312 Bryan Parkway)

Block Directors

5943 – 6019 Bryan Pkwy & Beacon: Gaye Martin, Jennifer Triptow (alternate)
6020-6049 Bryan Pkwy: Jordan Kaiser, Glenn Offutt (alternate)
6100-6126 Bryan Pkwy: Janel Wood, Larry Offutt (alternate)
6127-6151 Bryan Pkwy: Lanc Parker, Diane Brumbelow (alternate)
6200 Bryan Parkway: Elizabeth Offutt                                                                                                                                                                                                                   6300 Bryan Pkwy: Kevin Rogers, Debby Rogers (alternate)
La Vista: Suzanne Miller
Live Oak: Lorraine Carroll, Nancy Phillips (alternate)
4900 Swiss: Natalie Bodak, Lee Jones (alternate)
5000-5100 Swiss: Jody Bowers, Marilyn Waisanen (alternate)
5200-5300 Swiss: Ann Joseph, Anja Woodson (alternate)
5400 Swiss: Jean Dean, Stacey Copeland (alternate)
5500 Swiss & Bryan St.: Jean Dunkerly, Adam Palmer (alternate) 
5600 Swiss: Philip Crew, Melissa Crew (alternate)
5700 Swiss: Elizabeth Mast, Virginia Bonifield (alternate)
5803-5916 Swiss: Mike French, Craig Sheef (alternate)
5921-6102 Swiss: Tim Howells, Gary Hofman (alternate)

2016 Nominating Committee

Bob Ruckman; Debby Rogers; Linda Solomon; Brendan Martin; Jeff Bryan; Nancy Phillips; Cameron Kinvig

The Aldredge House

Aldredge House on Swiss Avenue
5500 Swiss Avenue 
214.823.2972 office
Aldredge House Caretaker:  Adam Palmer, (469) 579-6017, Email:
DCMSA Aldredge House Chair: RuLan Hebeler, (214) 906-4410, Email:
DCMSA/SAHD Liason: Dr. Sandy Brothers, (214) 802-8951, Email: 

The Sanborn Insurance Maps

The Sanborn Insurance Maps, drafted in the early 1920s, can be used as property reference guides and for various historic-documentation purposes when a structure in the district is being renovated. To access the full collection of Sanborn Insurance Maps for The Swiss Avenue Historic District, go here: 

Once there, scroll down to the directory listing titled: 

Dallas 1922 - Volume 3 (Vickery, Belmont, Munger Place, Junius Heights, and Mt. Auburn area)​

Then, to find the numbered map sheet that contains your street name and address, click on the item titled:

Dallas 1922 - Volume 3 Index