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Occasional (April 2014)

April 2014

Dear SAHD Residents,
As we look forward to the changing of the seasons, the blooming of flowers, and the beginning of "porch party"
weather, I wanted to give you a brief update about what is going on in our neighborhood.

On the social scene, a big thanks goes out to Sherry Ezell and the rest of the SAHD Children's Committee for hosting
such a wonderful and fun Halloween party for our neighborhood children! All of the children in the neighborhood
certainly have something to look forward to with the annual Easter Egg hunt right around the corner. Additionally, the
neighborhood also enjoyed a hugely successful Christmas party at Jean Bainbridge and Mike French's home, and
several neighb0rhood happy hours/socials since the fall as well. Stay tuned for more neighborhood social events
now that Spring is officially here!

Thanks to the efforts of the Beautification Committee, the District is well on its way to a master-plan for the renovation
of Savage Park. And, we can also thank them for the daffodils that popped through the soil at the "top" of Swiss and
at Swiss and Munger, as well as for the complete refurbishment of the gates at Fitzhugh and Swiss. Great job all!

On the neighborhood security front, I'm pleased to announce that the Alliance Against Crime has increased police
patrols throughout our neighborhood, and city code enforcement of the Live Oak and Gaston corridors. Crime
appears to be down, and thanks to the efforts of the AAC Committee, headed by Peter Loh, problems that have long
plagued the District are in the process of being dealt with efficiently and effectively by the City. The annual request
for our neighborhood to fund the AAC's efforts has recently gone out to each homeowner. Please consider giving
towards the AAC's efforts to keep our community safe and secure.

We're seeing the possibility of responsible new development all around our District, and that is certainly a positive
sign of urban renewal for East Dallas. The Planning and Zoning Committee has diligently worked with developers to
come up with responsible and sustainable development options for the vacant land surrounding our District, so that
when development comes, it makes a positive impact on our community. This approach will hopefully be a model for
our surrounding preservation districts.

And, of course, the annual SAHD Mother's Day Home Tour is right around the corner as well! Thanks to the efforts of
Gaye Jackson, as well as the numerous neighbors who have stepped forward to be on the Home Tour Committee
this year, our Home Tour plans are right on track. With eight homes on this year's tour, including several that have
not been on tour for many years, if ever, we hope to have a hugely successful weekend. First, many thanks go out
to those who have volunteered to put their homes on tour - I cannot tell you enough how much you are appreciated!
Second, please come out and enjoy the tour! With beautiful homes and gardens, a children's area, antique
cars, wonderful food, great music, and a fun vintage atmosphere, it is the perfect weekend to entertain friends,
family, and co workers in the District!

I certainly hope you are enjoying the beginnings of Spring as much as I am! If you haven't had the opportunity in a
while, take the time to walk around, say "hi" to our neighbors, enjoy the beauty that is our historic district and
get involved in making it an even better place to live!

Cameron Kinvig, SAHDA President.

To Access A PDF Version Of The April 2014 Occasional, Click On The Link Below.