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Occasional (September 2012)

September 2012

A community typically refers to a social unit largerthan a small village that shares common values. Asthe new president for the Swiss Avenue HistoricDistrict Association (SAHDA), I am pleased to bepart of a community and a neighborhood associationthat facilitates citizen involvement at the local level,as well as offers a venue for entertainment andrecreation through social activities, and addressessecurity concerns of the residents.

Having lived in the Swiss Avenue Historic Districtfor three years now, I believe that I have become partof a community and not just a resident in aneighborhood. This has been evident following thehail storm in June as homeowners came together toshare information.

As you know, joining or participating in theassociation is voluntary, but participation canprovide valuable tools for networking, crimeprevention and civic engagement. Participation inthe association as a member of the Home TourCommittee, Planning & Zoning Committee, SocialCommittee, Median Committee, elected BoardMember or just an active association member allowseach of us an opportunity to make a difference in ourcommunity.

In the upcoming year the SAHDA will participate inmultiple projects that are a reflection of bothcommunity concerns and about creating andsustaining a better community. The association maywork with volunteers on an annual clean up orbeautification project or we might work directly withplanning and zoning commissions to addressupcoming resident and business concerns. Overallour association engages in projects that better thequality of life and safety for everyone in thecommunity.

Social Activities:
In addition to the projects the SAHDA also providesa venue for social interaction and networkingthrough a number of activities throughout the year inthe community space available, whether at theAldredge House, Savage Park, or a neighbor’s home.Events in the upcoming year may include picnics,dinners, dances, concerts or festivals such as theannual home tour.

The Swiss Avenue Alliance Against Crime, established in1990, uses off duty Dallas police officers to patrol ourneighborhood. The police officers provide a variety ofservices to the district including: answer burglary inprocess calls in our area, 911 calls in our area, confiscatefirearms, ticket speeders and failure to stop offenses, checkabandoned cars, rescue lost pets, and listen to/act uponmessages left on our voice mail system. Residents mayeven request extra protection while away on vacation orbusiness by using the Alliance’s voice mail system. TheAlliance Against Crime is funded by contributions fromthe SAHDA annual budget and contributions by residentsin the district.

The SAHDA Board of Directors is here to serve thecommunity and support community participation inprojects, host social activities and coordinateneighborhood security; however the association and thecommunity will only continue to grow with yourinvolvement and support. The board looks forward toserving the community in 2013 and getting to know ourneighbors through the events and meetings in theupcoming year.

Brenden Martin
President, SAHDA