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May Board Minutes

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 – 6:30 PM

Swiss Avenue Historic District Association General Membership Meeting Minutes Munger Place Church
5200 Bryan Street, Dallas, Texas 75206 Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The May 16, 2017 General Membership meeting of the Swiss Avenue Historic District Association (SAHDA) was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Bob Ruckman. A majority of the board of directors of the SAHDA was present, a quorum was established and the Agenda as previously transmitted was followed with minor changes to order discussed.

Board members present included:


Bob Ruckman Peter Loh Linda Solomon Jean Dean Joanna Hampton Lee Jones Larry Waisanen

Block Directors

Roger Carroll Lanc Parker Kevin Rogers Jody Bowers Michelle Baus Mike French David Dean Gary Hoffman Elizabeth Mast Ken Kuesel Gary Hoffman

Alternate Block Directors
Larry Offutt James Finley Rhonda McCune Jerry Baus Virginia Bonifield


Bob Bracken Bob Cox Cameron Kinvig Debby Rogers

Non Board SAHD members present included:

Marianna Howells Cal Chaney Louise Finley Vanessa Hoffman Bob Charlap Neal Michel Marjo Miller Tom Bonifield Virginia McAlester Jim Dunkerley Anne Hamilton John Hampton Tim Howells Todd McCavitt

Other present included:

City of Dallas Code Enforcement

Jose Ruiz

Dallas Police Dept./SAHD Alliance Against Crime

Steve Forman


RuLan Hebeler Wendy Hansen Barenda Hino

Meeting minutes from the April 18, 2017 General meeting were presented. There were no revisions. The minutes were accepted as approved by the President.

Linda Solomon presented the financials as of April 20, 2017. There has been of a number of checks received for the AAC.

Committee reports were given.

Alliance Against Crime (AAC) Committee Sgt. Steve Forman report on a hit and run on a runner on Swiss at about 6:00 am one morning this past month. Seems to be random. A lot of activity on some of the apartments on Gaston. One vehicle behind the Aldredge House was left unlocked and a purse was stolen during the Home Tour. There has been some patio and porch furniture stolen.

Beautification Committee Jerry Baus reported that a lot of things got straightened out. The City is very short handed.

Outreach Committee The Outreach Committee is planning a community garage sale. Natalie Kinvig is heading this effort up. It will be May 20th , at Savage Park. More

information will be coming out soon. The money raised will go to some of the unfunded applications.

Planning and Zoning Committee Jim Dunkerley reported that the response we received from the City on 5017-5025 Gaston. The four buildings in front have been have been approved to proceed.

The person who planned to develop the Teter’s property to multi-family has abandoned the project. Will probably be sold to a single free standing retail use.

Gary Hoffman brought up the Complete Streets issue for Abrams/Columbia/Main in the next bond election.

Website Committee The link is still up for payments for the Home Tour. Appreciation was given to Bob Cox for his work on the website and especially for the Home Tour.

Children’s Social Committee No report.

Social Committee Thanks to Cameron for the refreshments for the meeting tonight.

Home Tour Committee Lee Jones thanked everyone that participated in the Home Tour. There was over $29,000 in underwriting. There will be a detailed report at the next meeting. There was a discussion about an after party in the park for next year. Seemed to be a really good tour. Lots of good rating on websites.

Ad Hoc Parking Committee Bob Ruckman reported that there are pending no parking signs on Glendale.

Unfinished Business No unfinished business.

New Business No new business.

Aldredge House Update The PD that has been pending for a year has been set for June 8th. Bob stated that the SAHD had voted not to take sides. He was only trying to update the SAHD on what is going on. Jim Dunkerley reported that the meeting has been postponed to June 22nd. Bob mentioned that there was supposed to be a District meeting last February to discuss this issue but this never happened.

Friends of the Aldredge House Marianna Howells reported that she is the president of a new organization called the Friends of the Aldredge House that was formed to raise money for the maintenance of the Aldredge House. They are simply there to help and raise funds for the Aldredge House. There will be press releases.
They will be sending everyone in the District an invitation to join the FOAH. It was acknowledged that this was an alternate way of fundraising. There was a question about what the Aldredge House is proposing. The question was asked if the FOAH supported the PD. Marianne stated that they were there to raise money for the Aldredge House and that she was not aware of any position on the PD.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:55 pm.

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