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June Board Minutes

Tuesday, June 120, 2017

Swiss Avenue Historic District Association General Membership Meeting Minutes Munger Place Church

5200 Bryan Street, Dallas, Texas 75206

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The June 20, 2017 General Membership meeting of the Swiss Avenue Historic District Association (SAHDA) was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Bob Ruckman. A majority of the board of directors of the SAHDA was present, a quorum was established and the Agenda as previously transmitted was followed with minor changes to order discussed.

Board members present included:


Bob Ruckman, Linda Solomon, Jean Dean, Joanna Hampton, Lee Jones

Block Directors

Roger Carroll, Michelle Manners, Lorraine Carroll, Jody Bowers, Michelle Baus, Jean Dunkerley, Elizabeth Mast, Ken Kuesel, Gary Hoffman

Alternate Block Directors

James Finley, Jerry Baus


Bob Bracken, Bob Cox, Cameron Kinvig, Debby Rogers

Non Board SAHD members present included:

Tim Howells, Marianna Howells, Cal Chaney, Claire Chaney, Louise Finley, Vanessa Hoffman, Bob Charlap, Bryan Jones, Robin Marin, Tom Bonifield, Virginia McAlester, Jim Dunkerley, Brian Shutlz, Elizabeth Odstrcil, Todd McCavit

Other present included:

City of Dallas Code Enforcement

Jose Ruiz

Dallas Police Dept./SAHD Alliance Against Crime

Sgt. Steve Forman


RuLan Hebeler, Wendy Hansen, Barenda Hino

Meeting minutes from the May 16, 2017 General meeting were presented. There were no revisions.  The minutes were accepted as approved by the President.

Meeting minutes from the June 5, 2017 Special Board meeting were presented. There were no revisions.  The minutes were accepted as approved by the President.

Linda Solomon presented the financials as of May31, 2017. Administrative cost were running higher than anticipated so we need to reallocate some funds.  There is excess funds for insurance and tree trimming.  Joanna Hampton made a motion to move $4975 to the Administrative line item of the budget.  These funds are coming from the Insurance and Tree Trimming budget.  Ken Kuesel 2nd the motion.  The motion passed.

Committee reports were given.

Alliance Against Crime (AAC) Committee –Robin Marin and Sgt. Steve Forman reported that there had been an increase in activity in the neighborhood in June. Be sure to lock all doors and windows, close gates and turn on security alarms.  Jose Ruiz spoke about the problem with the homeless in our neighborhood.  The City has come up with a new committee to address the problem.  It is still being formed and the staff currently does not have any direction as what to do.

Beautification Committee – Jerry Baus reported that a lot of things got straightened out with the City and has their attention again.  Still working on a number of mowing issues on the medians and alleys.  

Outreach Committee – Bob reported that checks had been sent out for the $14,000 budgeted for outreach.  There will be a meeting of the committee to make a recommendation as to where the $1231 will go that was raised by doing the rummage sale.

Planning and Zoning Committee –Bob reported that Jim Dunkerley could not be at the meeting but would having a meeting of the P&Z meeting within the next week or so.

Website Committee –Bob Cox – No report

Children’s Social Committee –No report

Social Committee – No report

Home Tour Committee – Lee Jones submitted and presented a report for the SAHDA Home Tour.  In summary the total revenue was $120,893, expenses were $53,326 for a net total of $68,567.  Total underwriting was $30,500.  An estimated number of about 3400 people attended the tour.  Suggested a separate PR committee for next year.

Bob presented Lee with a gift certificate in appreciation for her hard work on the tour.

Ad Hoc Parking Committee – Bob Ruckman reported that the stop sign at Collett and Swiss had been approved but had not yet been installed.  Should be installed soon.

Unfinished Business – No unfinished business.

New Business – No new business.

No meeting in July.  Next regular meeting is August 15th  at Manger Place Church and the Annual meeting is September 19th at St. Matthews.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:52 pm.