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Board Minutes, April 2013

April 16, 2013

Swiss Avenue Historic District

Minutes of Monthly Meeting

March 19, 2013

The meeting of the Swiss Avenue Historic District took place on March 19, 2013 at Munger Place Church.  President Brenden Martin called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  A quorum was recognized.

The minutes from the February meeting were presented.  A motion was made, seconded, and minutes were approved.

Craig Scheef presented the Treasurer’s Report.  He noted that we are ahead of schedule with the Alliance Against Crime funds, thanks to the response from recent notices sent out to the District.  Other expenses are ‘in line” with last year’s budget items, with the exception of our 25% increase in expenses for crime patrol.  A motion was made and seconded and the Treasurer Report was approved.

Alliance Against Crime has not met yet this month, but in January, they acted to increase patrol by 25%.  The increased included more coverage in the alleys was extended over to Gaston.  A meeting will be held on March 30, and anyone interested in attending should contact Craig Scheef.  The gates at Fitzhugh and Swiss on the north side were tagged recently.  The bonus side is that we received news coverage and a plug for Home Tour.  Gaye Jackson was briefly interviewed by CBS/KRLD /NBC for 10:00 news item.  A company was hired to clean the gates.

Gaye Jackson reported that the Easter Egg hunt and party will be held at Kelly and Jeff Gordon’s home on the Saturday before Easter.  Baskets for DOT can be dropped off at her house before then, or gift cards benefitting DOT are welcome and encouraged at the party.

Elizabeth Mast reported that all is on schedule for the upcoming 40th Annual Home Tour.  Homes include: 5901, 5714, 5002 (100th), 5822, 5210 (100th), 5125 Swiss, 6003 Bryan Parkway, and St Matthews.  A Friday night candlelight tour of 5901 and 5125 Swiss will then conclude at 5020 Swiss (Holub’s home) with a “Dallas” themed pre-party.  Volunteers are needed to sell tickets at the park on both Saturday and Sunday, and a sign-up sheet was available.

Jerry Baus reported for Median Beautification that the City has now removed most of the old shrubbery and will now begin leveling and measuring for sod, as well as putting in mulch and ground cover where appropriate.  He also noted that the Committee is working with the City in reducing the City Agreement from 12 pages to 2 pages, which will help expedite the process in getting work done in a timely manner.  He believes that the new Parks’ Director is very in tune with our Historic District neighborhoods, and he hopes to have success in this new Director’s support to upgrade the classification level of our “park” (median), which will in turn enhance our maintenance program with the City.  An irrigation assessment will be done in the near future.  The next big project will be Savage Park renewal and renovation.

Regarding the lights and light bulbs for street lighting in the District, the City has a contract with Oncor, who is responsible for replacing them, but the request must come from the City.  Regarding painting of the light poles, Brenden Martin and Allan Moore drove the entire District and made an assessment of which ones need to be painted.  They reported to the City who will now submit a request to Oncor, and all poles will be painted, with 8 or 9 being replaced, beginning sometime in April.  In addition, Brenden was successful in getting the “Do Not Enter Sign” at the La Vista entrance moved back about 20 feet.  He also contacted the City who will begin to address all street signs that are either tagged, crooked, etc.

Brenden thanked Cameron Kinvig for the provision of pizza and bottles of water for the social time before our meeting tonight.  A Happy Hour at Matts will be coming in April.

Bob Cox reported that the website is well underway.  He hopes that the public portion will be viewable soon so that Home Tour tickets can be purchased via the website.  He showed a sample of the website and indicated that the Residents Only section will be available in the near future…probably after Tour.

Joanna Hampton reported for Planning and Zoning that the Live Oak Development Project has been deferred a bit because that project is running about a month behind.  A report will be given at next month’s meeting depending on any updates/changes that happen with the project.  The developers continue to be in close contact with our committee.

Pauline Mayfield reported for the Outreach Committee that so far there have been 7 referral requests for funds.  Five were recommended for approval, one was deferred pending more information, and one was not recommended for approval. 

Pauline Mayfield presented the committee approved referrals (thus far) for Outreach Funding.  They include:

·       Lakewood Library (2500)

·       St Matthews Cathedral/After School Choir Program (1500)

·       Lipscomb Carnival, Title Sponsor (1000)

·       Old East Dallas Childhood PTA (300)

·       Lipscomb Technology Tablets, 35 Tablets (7,000 requested but 5000 suggested)

After discussion, a motion was made and seconded to approve all of the above with the exception of the Lipscomb Technology Tablets, in order to pursue whether or not funds are available from the DISD for this purchase.

Gaye Jackson announced that due to recent deaths in her family, our liaison Becky (with the Aldredge House) will not be returning to work.  Residents are encouraged to send a note to her care/of the Aldredge House in appreciation for her years of service to us.  As a result of her absence, our monthly meetings have suspended at this location.

Brenden announced that Bob Cox’s friend who has done our artwork for Home Tour for the past four years (including the very popular 2012 “gates” artwork) passed away this weekend. Bob is working to secure someone to finish this year’s artwork, which was well underway. 

Brenden announced several upcoming functions (which were also sent via email this past week):  Biblical Arts event on Friday night supporting Barefoot Wine, Man-Up Dallas (from the mayor), and District 14 Candidates Forum.

A thank-you was given to Marilyn Waisenan for the lovely daffodil plantings on the median.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00.