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Board Minutes, May 2014

Tuesday May 20, 2014


Minutes of Monthly Meeting

May 20, 2014

The May meeting of the SAHDA took place at the Aldredge House on May 20, 2014.  President Cameron Kinvig called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Cameron thanked My Family Pizza who provided the food for our Social Hour tonight.

Two sets of minutes were presented for approval:  the amended March minutes and the April minutes.  A motion was made, seconded, and voted to approve the March minutes.  A motion was made, seconded, and voted to approve the April minutes.

Cameron thanked all who worked on Home Tour this year.  He then introduced Gaye Jackson who served as this year’s “chair-woman” for Tour.  She thanked all who worked to make it a success.  This year’s Tour was “kick-started” less than 70 days before the Tour date, yet still was a huge success.  She read a personal thank-you note which the Finley’s received, thanking them for opening their lovely home for thousands of visitors to enjoy.  Gaye also reported on the success of some “new additions” to this year’s agenda such as the Pre-party Auction and the Seminars arranged by Marilyn Waisanen at the Aldredge House.  The preliminary report is that this year’s tour generated $85,000-91,000 Net, and over $20,000 was generated on the Website ticket purchases.

Craig Scheef provided a Treasurer Report, which Cameron presented in his absence.  A motion was made and seconded and voted to approve the Report after one typo was noted for correction.

Regarding Alliance Against Crime, it was noted that from this point forward, residents are to contact Phillip Offutt for Alliance Against Crime issues, rather than contacting Officer Bodie.  His number is:  817-228-2214.  Sandy Brothers reported that a small fire was set by a vagrant man behind her home at 5020 Swiss.  Fire trucks came and extinguished the fire before severe damage was done.

Cameron reported for the Children’s Committee that the Easter Egg Hunt last month was a huge success.

Jerry Baus reported for Beautification and Median.  The irrigation system is being checked again and the City will be spraying for weeds as well as fertilizing in the next few weeks.  They have doubled the amount of sod being put in this year, and will soon be spending 2+ days laying new sod where bare places exist.  He also noted that no sod will be placed under trees where there is too much shade for sustaining grass.  Please call Jerry if you see tree issues or dry areas, and he will contact the arborist or the irrigation maintenance crew for the City.  Jerry also reported that Savage Park will not be remodeled, but work is being done on a plan to enhance the flowerbeds and perform maintenance repairs on the brick areas.  In about one month we should have a preliminary report from the City regarding the project.  Jerry suggested that the SAHDA be planning to spend a substantial part of the budget to the refurbishing of Savage Park since the City will most likely not fund all of the improvements that we want.  Also, Marilyn Waisanen is working with the City for the expansion of the Fitzhugh bed.

Cameron gave a big thank-you to Matt’s who catered our Tour Pre-Party.  The SAHDA held a social recently on their patio, and another social will take place in about 3 weeks at Stoney’s Wine Lounge.

Joanna Hampton reported for Planning and Zoning that there has been no movement on the Live Oak Project, and that Gaston is being closely monitored by P and Z.  She noted some items of interest include possible changes to sections of I-30 and that there is talk that a Sam’s is going in at City Place.  More to come at the next meeting.

Pauline Mayfield reported for the Outreach Committee that a thank-you note was received from Lipscomb for the funds they recently received from the 2013 Home Tour proceeds.  Also, a thank-you was received from the Woodrow Wilson Band for their new equipment.  

Cameron noted that the “Letter of Concern” from residents at 5323 Swiss Ave, which was placed on chairs before the meeting tonight, was provided because it was only distributed to residents on Swiss Ave.  Other residents in the District did not receive any of the information.  It was noted by certain attendees present at the meeting that some or most of the information in the letter was inaccurate or false.  It was determined that the items contained in the letter were not appropriate to discuss at this meeting, but should be discussed, if at all, at the District’s annual meeting in September.

Thank-you again to Barefoot Wine who provided $2000 worth of wine to our District for Home Tour Events.  Two bottles were given tonight as Door Prizes.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.