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Board Minutes, March 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Swiss Avenue Historic District Association

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

 March 17, 2015


The March 17 meeting of the SAHDA took place at the Aldredge House.

President, Joanna Hampton called the meeting to order at 7:05

The February minutes were presented for approval. The minutes were approved to be recorded.


Treasurer, Peter Loh was not in attendance. There was no Treasurer’s report.


Larry Waisanen, Home Tour committee chair gave an update of the Home Tour.

Homes on tour this year include;

6214 Bryan Pkwy, Michelle Manners

6145 Bryan Pkwy, Linda Solomon

4918 Swiss Avenue, Robin and Carlos Marin

5400 Swiss Avenue, Craig Power

5125 Swiss Avenue, Ann and Kris Hamilton

5705 Swiss Avenue, Virginia McAlister

Marianne and Tim Howells garden.

Susie Moritz will be producing water colors of the homes.


Joanna announced that the Marin’s have stepped up to chair the Alliance Against Crime committee.


Bob Cox will update the website with Home Tour information.


Marilyn Waisanen gave the beautification committee report. The upcoming code compliance walk on March 28 is to make sure the alleys are compliant, not to look at front porches. Someone crashed their car into Savage Park and damaged some of the bushes. Negotiations taking place with the city to repair or replace.


Natalie Bodak gave the details of the upcoming Children’s Easter egg hunt and party.

Joanne announced the neighborhood forum to meet the Mayor and city council members. Meeting will be at St, Mathews Cathedral March 23.


Old Business – Follow-up to traffic engineer, Steven Cherryholmes presentation last month. There will be a meeting at Dee Ruckman’s April 1 regarding proposed street signs and bike markings. The lighting issue on Sycamore will also be looked into.


New Business – Swiss Avenue Preservation Achievement Awards will be held at Scottish Rite Cathedral, April 8.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25