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Board Minutes – January 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Swiss Avenue Historic District Association

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

January 19, 2016


The January 19, 2015 meeting of the SAHDA took place at the Aldredge House.

President Joanna Hampton called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m.

Joanna introduced Kay Crews , who has facilitated past meetings. She asked permission to have Kay act as Parliamentarian for the evening. There were no objections.

The November minutes were presented for corrections. The minutes were accepted into record.

Peter Loh gave the Treasurer’s report. He pointed out that we are still behind in Alliance against Crime revenue. The recent solicitation letter will hopefully boost revenue. Larry Waisanen asked about the $20,000 contingency item. Peter said he would get back to us.

Joanna said that the Committee Charters were posted to the residents page of the website in 2013. We will also post the committee membership rosters.

Robin Marin gave the Alliance against Crime report.

                  She noted increased criminal activity in November and December.

Two isolated incidents were described; one involving a murder and the other a shooting.

There have been a couple of burglaries. She reminded people to lock their doors and car doors.

Several cars have been burglarized and furniture was taken from a neighbor’s front porch.

Be sure to call the police to report every crime.

Robin gave the results of the AAC survey that was sent to the district. There was a twenty percent response rate.

  1. Fifty percent said they would prefer early morning and late evening police patrols. This is the current allocation of hours.
  2. Respondents were equally distributed in their desire for 25 hours, 35 hours, 45 hours, and 60 hours of patrol time each week. We currently receive 16 hours of patrol time.
  3. Respondents would like to see more of Home tour revenue devoted to AAC.
    1. That can be addressed in September at budget meeting.
  4. Respondents were satisfied overall with AAC.
  5. 48% would like more patrol time, extra tasteful lights, and neighborhood watch signage.
  6. Respondents asked for better communication. Robin circulated a signup sheet for residents to opt out of separate notifications directly from the AAC regarding crime alerts, instead of receiving them from the secretary of the district.

There was discussion suggesting that the beautification committee, AAC, and code enforcement could work together.  At the next meeting we will hear more about proposed  new lighting, increasing patrol hours, alley signage, hiring our own security person, and other services.

Letters have gone out to the residents soliciting donations to the Alliance against Crime committee.  Robin said we might try to solicit help from the apartment owners on Gaston.

Joanna gave the Home Tour committee report.  Meredith Mannick has been engaged as Home Tour coordinator.

Lee and Bryan Jones have agreed to open their Swiss Avenue home.

We expect to have confirmation this week on  a home on Bryan Parkway

                  We need four more homes.

                  Home Tour kick-off meeting will be at Joanna’s  home , Sunday at 4:00.

                  We need a Chair or Co-Chairs are needed for the committee.


Marilyn Waisanen gave the Beautification committee report.

                  The forestation project was a success.

Texas A&M will offer a class on February 6 at the Coit Rd. facility. The topic is healthy lawns with less water.

The renovation of Savage Park is proceeding. They have to redo the concrete because the finish was not done correctly.  The electrical, plumbing and replacement of bricks has been completed.

Kim McCrea gave the Children’s Committee report.

The Halloween and Christmas parties were a big success. The children decorated placemats to be donated to Meals on Wheels recipients.

Natalie Kinvig gave the Social Committee report.

She thanked the Gray’s for hosting the holiday party and said there will be a February Social.

Tom Bonifield  gave the Planning and Zoning Committee report.

Tom moved that the Planning and Zoning committee charter membership section be revised  to strike “between 3 and 6” .  Larry Waisanen seconded the motion.

Bob Cox asked for a point of clarification. He wondered if Tom’s motion was in line with Larry Offutt’s motion at the November meeting.  Larry addressed the point. Tom has put together a balanced list including ten members from Swiss Avenue and five members from Bryan Parkway.  Bob proposed amending the motion. Jean Dean called the vote. Larry Waisanen seconded that. The vote was called on Tom’s motion.  The  motion passed.

Cameron Kinvig asked Bob Cox to make a motion. Jean Dunkerley  said  Bob’s amendment has resolution, no authority.  Joanne said this will be referred to the Planning and Zoning committee for review and they can bring it back next month.

Tom Bonifield presented the Planning and Zoning committee slate of members:

Tom Bonifield,  Chair, Larry Offutt, Bob Cox, Kevin Rogers, Nancy Phillips, Cameron Kinvig, Jeff Bryan, David Dean, Arch McColl, Jim Dunkerly, Steve Bourn, Virginia McAlister, Chris Kelsey, Gary Hoffman, Joanna Hampton, ex-officio member as president.

Tom Bonifield moved to accept this slate of members. Larry Waisanen seconded the motion. During discussion Larry Offutt  initiated questions about the committee’s  charter limiting involvement to matters outside the historic district. Discussion of this is deferred as it is not relevant to current motion.  Cameron Kinvig asked for point of order regarding ex-officio member’s right to vote. The Parliamentarian clarified that it the ex-officio member has a right, not an obligation to vote.  Jordan Kaiser asked how Tom’s motion addresses Larry Offutt’s November motion to include a member from each block. It was pointed out that La Vista, two blocks of Bryan Pkwy, and two blocks of Swiss Avenue are not represented.  Tom said it was hard to get volunteers from each block. Joanna said that additional members could be added as there for volunteers from the unrepresented blocks.   Jeff Bryan asked that there be a time limit for membership for any additional members approved here. With no further discussion the vote was taken on Tom’s motion and the ayes carried.

Bob Cox asked that in the interest of bringing consensus  that any issue taken under advisement by the planning & zoning committee that are within the boundaries of the District a 2/3 vote of the committee needed to pass any resolution to bring forth to the board.

A motion was made and Linda Solomon seconded.  A point of order was called on whether the motion was in order.  Discussion continued about the committee charter specifics.  Larry Waisanen said the committee is not authorized to bring areas of interest to the board. The Board brings areas of interest to the committee. Tom urged everyone to take a look at the wording.  The current motion was determined to be out of order as items are referred to the committee by the board.

Cameron Kinvig  made a new motion to amend a provision of the committee authority section to delete “without specific authorization from the Board of Directors”  Tom said that is the way the charter is intended.  The revised item would read ‘In cases involving properties within the boundaries of the SAHD, the Committee may not take an official position on behalf of the District.’ The vote was called, the ayes carried.


Joanna addressed the issue of 4901 Live Oak:

4901 Live Oak summary

In the summer of 2014 a zoning request was filed for 4901 Live Oak  (that was located at the corner of Live Oak and Fitzhugh). This property is located in District 2, represented by Councilmember Adam Medrano. The owner was requesting that the property be rezoned from Multi-family to allow for commercial use.

  • Sept / Oct 2014 – City Councilmember Adam Medrano requests that the applicant contact Jim Anderson, President of Peak’s Addition Homeowner’s Association.  Jim Anderson organizes an October 6th meeting with the owner and invites surrounding historic districts to this meeting. Swiss Ave, an adjacent historic district, is included this meeting.
  • Oct 5, 2014 – at the SAHDA board meeting the board is informed of this planned Oct 6 meeting.
  • Oct 6, 2014 – Meeting attendees express general support for concept of a wedding chapel and suggest either historic designation or a planned development district in lieu of straight commercial zoning. This would allow for appropriate preservation of the house and limit the uses to be consistent with surrounding residential zoning.
  • End of October, 2014 – owner advises Jim Anderson that he is withdrawing his rezoning request in favor of multifamily development.
  • Dec 18, 2014 – both Jim Anderson and Joanna Hampton are advised that owner is appearing before City Plan Commission (CPC) that very day for rezoning of the property requesting CR (commercial) zoning with deed restrictions.  Owner has stated at the briefing that SAHD supports his rezoning request.
  • CPC action is deferred until Jan 8, 2015
  • Dec 19, 2014 - Emails are sent by both Jim Anderson &  Joanna Hampton advising owner that the neighborhoods had not been advised of CPC hearing.  Joanna’s email notes that no position had been taken by SAHD as the last communication from the owner was that his request had been withdrawn.

No response to the SAHD email is received from owner.

  • Jan, 2015 - Letter sent to CPC noting above and requesting denial of request as there were no protections of the house, restrictions on use(s) or other appropriate safe-guards as had been discussed with the owner at the Oct 6th meeting.
  • Jan 8, 2015 - CPC Hearing —City Plan commissioners offer during hearing to initiate the PD process.  This would waive filing fees for the owner, allow for preservation of the existing structure or similar limitations on development and appropriate restrictions for commercial use in residential area.  Owner declined offer.  City Plan Commission denies the rezoning request.
  • Jan 9, 2015 – Joanna Hampton sends follow up email to owner & to City staff to again offer assistance in support of either historic designation or toward initiating and completing a protective PD process.  No response from owner.
  • Owner does not appeal the CPC decision to City Council and lists property for sale.

There was discussion among Jean Dean, Stacy Rose,  Linda Solomon , and Joanna about the opposition to the zoning change allowing commercial venue.  It was noted that if the change had been granted the house was not protected and could be replaced by any number of uses including a 7-Eleven or pool hall.  Vanessa Hoffman objected to Joanna speaking on behalf of the district without a  vote on it.  David Dean expressed hope that the Planning and Zoning committee would deal with those issues in the future.


Lanc Parker gave the Outreach committee report.

J. L Long is asking for $3500 to refurbish terrazzo tile floor. Committee recommends  $1,500.

Woodrow Wilson is asking for $3,500 to clean and restore glass display cases. The committee recommends $1,500.

Lipscomb Elementary is asking for $4,000 for materials for their International Baccalaureate program. The committee recommends $2,000.

The Lakewood Library is asking for $1,500 to purchase preservation related materials. The committee recommends $1,000.

St. Matthews Cathedral is asking for $500 for their young artists studio. The committee recommends $500.

Lanc made a motion to approve outreach contributions of $,6,500. Roger Carroll seconded the motion. During discussion Larry Waisanen voiced objection to giving for things, not programs. Cameron Kinvig pointed out that the giving guidelines have not been updated in eleven years. He suggested providing funding per the committee’s recommendation but clearly state that future guidelines  favor educational programming.  More discussion continued about whether these beneficiaries were entitled  to these funds and wouldn’t it be better if individuals met these requests. It was pointed out the funds generated from home tour that benefit these institutions  create a feeling of good will in the community that attends and sponsors the home tour.  The vote was called and the aye’s carried.

New Business –

Joanna  discussed putting a committee together to review the bylaws.

Larry Waisenan announced that there have been coyote and fox sitings in the neighborhood. He also asked that those block directors that have not provided updates, please do so. The digital directory is being updated soon.

Kim McCrea asked us to forward information on new families with children so she can invite them to future children’s parties.

                  Meeting adjourned – 8:55